NETEC Team Members

  • Teresa Caneda Cabrera (P. I.)

    My research concentrates on translation as a form of negotiation between cultures and in relation to socio-political and intellectual frameworks. I am also interested in exploring issues such as transnationalism, foreignness and mobility in relation to Modernism, Contemporary Irish Fiction and Translation Studies.

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  • Martín Urdiales Shaw

    My research focuses on American 20th century literature, mainly specializing in the fields of Jewish American prose, 1930s urban fiction and American popular culture. I am also interested in Holocaust Studies and have addressed issues of translatability and representational strategies in Jewish-American graphic-novels.

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  • Jorge Figueroa Dorrego

    My research mainly focuses on 17th and 18th century British literature and culture, with particular emphasis on women writers, prose fiction, and stage comedy. I am also interested in issues mostly related to gender, genre, and humour.

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  • Araceli González Crespán

    My research centrally focuses on female playwrights in contemporary American theater. I have continued interrogating female representations as depicted by female playwrights and have extended my theoretical tenets from semiotics to other approaches that include notions of ethnicity, multiculturalism and difference.

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  • Muriel Domínguez Viso

     My main fields of research are gender, selfhood and the construction of subjectivities in life-writing and contemporary Irish fiction by female writers. I am currently enrolled on the Inter-University PhD Programme in Advanced English Studies at the Universities of A Coruña, Santiago de Compostela and Vigo, writing my PhD thesis under the supervision of Dr. M. Teresa Caneda-Cabrera.

  • Lydia Freire Gargamala

    My research attempts to provide an ecocritical approach to Irish Gothic fiction focusing on female authors of the 18th century and paying particular attention to Burke’s notion of the sublime and the natural environment. I am currently working on my PhD thesis, provisionally entitled  "An Ecocritical Analysis of Eighteenth-Century Gothic Fiction Written by Irish Female Authors" under the supervision of Dr. Jorge Figueroa Dorrego.

  • David Geary Willingham

    Under the direction of Martín Urdiales Shaw, my projected PhD thesis will explore representations of trauma, addiction, recovery, and resilience in contemporary Anglophone cinema, including Ravenous (1999), Auto Focus (2002), Humpday (2009), Shame (2011), Thanks for Sharing (2012), among others.