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A reading and talk with the Irish eco-poet Grace Wells | 22 September, 12 pm | FFT Campus de Vigo

"When our vulnerability is our strength" :  A reading and talk with the Irish eco-poet Grace Wells, on September 22, at 12 pm, room B2 of Filoloxía e Tradución (FFT). 

Funded by the Departament of English, French and German (FIFA),  and organised by NETEC and the Project  INTRUTHS 2: "The Articulation of Communal and Individual Vulnerabilities in Contemporary Irish Fiction" (PID2020-114776GB-I00 MCIN/AEI ), as part of the Irish Studies at UVigo activities


International Colloquium INCONVENIENT TRUTHS - Friday, 25 October - Filoloxía e Tradución

The International Colloquium Inconvenient Truths: Silences, Scandals and Secrets in Modern Ireland organised  by the Research Project Inconvenient Truths: Cultural Practices of Silence in Contemporary Irish Fiction (FFI2017-84619-P AEI/FEDER,UE) will begin at 10 am with a plenary lecture by Professor Margaret Kelleher, Chair of Anglo-Irish Literature and Drama, University College Dublin. The plenary lecture will be followed by discussion sessions with the participation of scholars from the National University of Ireland Galway, University College Cork, University of Deusto, University of Alcalá de Henares and the Universities of Vigo and Santiago de Compostela.

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Teresa Caneda at the UCD School of English, Drama and Film Research Seminar series.

University College Dublin, School of English, Drama and Film
November 14 at 4 pm
Speaker: Teresa Caneda (PI of the Research Project 
"Inconvenient Truths: Cultural Practices of Silences in Contemporary Irish Fiction") 

“Reflections on Cultural Practices of Silence in Irish Fiction” 

Chair: Anne Fogarty (UCD James Joyce Professor)
This event is part of the School of English, Drama and Film Research Seminar series organised by Dr Lucy Cogan.


On September 21 the Research Project inTRUTHS held the  INTERNATIONAL SEMINAR “Speaking the Unspeakable: Approaches to Silence in Contemporary Ireland” with the participation of all Project members and collaborators. This was the programme:

  • Teresa Caneda Cabrera (U. of Vigo) “Cultural Practices of Silence in Contemporary Irish Fiction: An Introduction to Themes and Theories”
  • Asier Altuna García de Salazar (University of Deusto) “Taxonomies of Silence in Recent Irish Fiction”
  • Elke D’hoker (KU Leuven) “Silence and the Short Story in Ireland”
  • Seán Crosson (NUI Galway) “Examining Silences in Irish Cinema”
  • Marisol Morales Ladrón (University of Alcalá de Henares) “The Ethics of Silence in Contemporary Historical Fiction by Irish Women Writers”
  • José Carregal Romero (U. of Vigo / University College Cork) “Boys for Rent: Breaking the Silence on Male Street Prostitution in Contemporary Irish Gay Fiction”
  • Eibhear Walshe (University College Cork) “‘Not The President of Ancient Greece’: Classicism and Unspoken Sexual Identity in Contemporary Irish Literary Culture"

The presentations were followed by lively discussions in which the INTRUTHS Project members looked at the interrelations, similarities and dissimilarities of what they identified as the overwhelming presence of cultural practices of silence in the contemporary literary production of Irish fiction writers.

2018 IASIL CONFERENCE "Reimagining Traditions" at Radboud University Nijmegen, 23-27 July

The  inTRUTHS Research Project was represented at IASIL 2018 with the participation of three of its members who delivered papers on alternative reimaginations of "inconvenient truths" and untold experiences by contemporary Irish fiction writers in which they discussed issues of silence in relation to sexuality, family and history. 

The Art of James Joyce: 26th International James Joyce Symposium

Teresa Caneda Cabrera, P.I. of inTRUTHS, participated in the 26th International James Joyce Symposium"The Art of James Joyce", held at the University of Antwerp, 11-16 June 2018, with a paper entitled "'Silencio, exilio y astucia': A Portrait of James Joyce as a Dissident Artist". In the picture, Teresa Caneda with playwright, composer and lyricist Jonathan Brielle, author of the off-Broadway musical Himself and Norabased on the story of James Joyce and Nora Barnacle, during the reception hosted by the City of Antwerp in the City Archives.